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Eternal Optimist

November 5th, 2008

No matter how bad things get, they could always be worse…

This painting is of a rubber halloween mask that is kind of scary and kind of goofy. My color palette was chosen to reflect autumn colors with the intent of creating a piece with a halloween/autumn narrative. However, as I was painting and going over where I’ve been lately with my work I realized I’ve been getting a little focused on negatives and decided I wanted to have a positive message come out of this one. But, how do you reflect positive when your subject matter involves a skull, the epitome of negative? Well, the title of course… So, being the eternal optomist I chose a name to reflect the true definition of such – “Glass Half Full”. And, once I put the title to this guy it just felt right… I hope you agree.

Glass Half Full – 16″x12″ – Acrylic on Canvas – Completed Election Night, 11-4-08

©2008, Don Michael, Jr.

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