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Musical Chairs

May 17th, 2010

All last week I was experimenting with new and innovative ways to implement paper mache’ masks into my 3D series of paintings. (I wrote about some of my adventures here). While the paper mache’ was drying I would take the opportunity to work on another of my Over the Under-Schmeerings pieces. It’s fun and fulfilling to have work going on at several different workstations in my studio at the same time.

In a Song

In a Song – 12″x12″ – Acrylic on canvas – Completed 5-14-10

©2010, Don Michael, Jr.

Have you ever noticed how a song can ‘take you back’ to a place, time or circumstance in your life? My son, Eric, felt like this painting epitomized that thought, so I honored his observation by titling it accordingly.

The “under-schmeering” for this one was created during the painting process of Lip Service. As you can see below, I ended up covering up a lot of the schmeerings. The colors had ended up clashing a bit which led to this need.

In a Song w Bkg

©2010, Don Michael, Jr.

I think my favorite part of this painting is the lips. I love how the red almost looks ruby-esque with the under-schmeerings showing through just enough to give it a wonderful translucent feel. This is exactly what I’m shooting for, but haven’t quite captured on an entire canvas… YET…

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13 Comments for 'Musical Chairs'

  1. kathy Said:

    The lips are great! You did capture the vibrant translucent feel you were shooting for. I don’t think you need to do that for the entire canvas because you’d lose the impact of the effect if it were everywhere. Contrast is good. I also like the uplighting. It makes the face look like it’s onstage, ready to sing for an audience.

  2. Nicki Said:

    I like the lips, too and I agree with Kathy, I think… however I will sit on the fence until I see what you have in mind for an entire canvas with this effect! You have a way of making things work.


  3. Mark Sheeky Said:

    Hmm, transparent lips. Idea! Have you thought of acetate or transparent parts for the papier-mache masks? Nice work.

  4. Robin Samiljan Said:

    I admire your transparent use of the paint medium, the lips are juicy and awesome! (a real challenge to do this successfully)

  5. hallie Said:

    I see a slubby silk mask being held in front of colored lights. Beautiful texture and great effect.

  6. Don Michael, Jr. Said:

    Thanks Kathy… I agree, contrast is good. I’m looking for that perfect mix of translucency which defines the mask but allows all of the under-schmeerings to show through. I’ll find it eventually…

    Nicki… You put a big smile on my face with your comment. Thanks for that, oh fence sitter… 😀

    Mark… Thank you for the compliment and the idea. What’s funny is, just last night I was looking at a used Bounce fabric softener sheet and wondering how something as open-weaved as that would work in creating one of my 3D mask paintings. Great minds…? Anyway, I hadn’t thought of acetate yet…

    Robin… Thank you – I like your description, “juicy and awesome”.

    Hallie… You just sent me into the world of Google trying to figure out what slubby meant. There are some interesting references, but I’m betting yours had to do with yarn with imperfections. Once I looked at the painting within that context I could see exactly what you were talking about – and it’s a perfect description. Thank you!


  7. hallie Said:

    Dupioni silk–a slubby weave, not imperfection. (I could not come up with Dupioni when I left the comment.) I think silk lampshades sometimes have this look.

  8. Celeste Said:

    agreed. Those lips are fantastic! I love the title In a Song–what song, specifically, does she represent?
    agreed also that a song can take you back to exactly where you were–if ever I hear the song “how can I be sure” I am suddenly in a 1962 Chevy Impala looking at a bright moon in the night sky with my first Dave. lol. I’m on my third Dave.

  9. Don Michael, Jr. Said:

    Hallie… I understood what you meant as soon as I found the word slub in wiktionary. Thanks for clarifying it even more. It’s a really cool reference and I learned something new today.

    Celeste of the Daves… Thank you! I like keeping the idea of what song totally up to the viewer. But, on a personal note, “Against the Wind”, “More Than a Feeling” and “Refugee” take me back to my high school daze, while “How Deep is Your Love” takes me back to a dance my wife and I shared many years ago… There are many more that make up the soundtrack of my life, but I’ve bored you enough here…


  10. Suzanne Berry Said:

    Again, late to the party. Sorry, I’ve been sooo busy. You’re right, the lips are amazing and I really love the lighting on this one. It adds an air of mystery. Another winner!

  11. Peggy Stermer-Cox Said:

    Hey Don! Festive mask; I like the close up, somewhat in your face feel to this mask. And, the lips are particularly well done; coolness!

  12. Sheila Tajima Said:

    This so striking a instantly identifiable as a Don Michael! You are so darn adventurous and daring. I need to ramp up my game. Thanks for inspiring me.

    Oh and Happy Silver Anniversary! What a glorious milestone. Didn’t know you had married when you were 10.

  13. Don Michael, Jr. Said:

    Suz… Once again, right on time… I’m glad you’re busy – maybe you’re staying out of trouble for a change. 😉 Thanks!

    Peggy… Festive and coolness is cool. Thanks!

    Sheila… (Let’s keep that age thing quiet. We don’t want to creep anyone out. :-P) Thank you for the great comment. It makes me proud to think I could be an inspiration. Ramp away!




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