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My Other Life

May 28th, 2010

For the first time since late August I’ve been involved in some graphic design/animation/editing and it feels better than I thought it would. The last several months of my tenure as an Art Director in television did a job on my creative psyche (just check out my paintings Job Security, Glass Half Full and A Fine Mess to see what I mean) and I thought I was ready to put that all completely behind me. Now I know that it will never be completely out of my life. It flows through my bloodstream almost as strongly as the painting and other organic creative mediums do…

So, for the first time I have put a few of my graphic creations up on my website. You can check them out here. It was fun to revisit many of these projects as I prepared them for placing on the website.

Also, my good friend, CJ, and I have put together some montages of my Art Directing/Animating/Graphic Design work from my life in television. The first is a ‘whiz-bang’ reel of animations I created and implemented over the years. The second is a montage of promotional and commercial work I art directed, designed and animated for. (We are still working on a third piece which will feature the opens and animations I created for newscasts.) Regrettably, a lot of my work did not survive my rapid exit from television, including a few of my favorites. But, I think I still have a pretty good representation of what I did/do.

I would like to thank my friends, CJ, Peggy and Sandi for helping stir back into life the joy of working within the graphics world once again. (Careful ladies, I may be cussing you later… :-P)

With all this said, nothing is creatively more important to me than my painting. I anticipate this may always be the way of it. We’ll see…

Animation Montage Slate

Commercial Montage Slate

©1996-2010, Don Michael, Jr.

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15 Comments for 'My Other Life'

  1. Celeste Said:

    watching all those news spots made me wonder how many MEETINGS & Rubber chicken banquets you’ve been to. lol.
    Excellent work. Very impressive.

  2. Don Michael, Jr. Said:

    Celeste… (Hmmm…. you sound like someone who’s been there.) All I can say is, TOO MANY meetings, not as many rubber chicken banquets as you’d think… AND a LOT of ‘designing by committee’ – my personal favorite. I recommend everyone try it at least once in life. 😉 Thanks.


  3. Heather Said:

    Very impressive work! I was wondering who did the design, but I think you answered it in your above comment. I think it’s great that there is the possibility of crossing over in your work, even if you think it’s behind you. It’s always there, and who knows, someday you may need it.

  4. Technobabe Said:

    Great animations, really like the bloopers with the oo falling back. You have a good mind for keeping things moving and keeping the interest of the people watching. My kids and I lived in Las Vegas and then Henderson for a number of years, they finished school there. My nephews did too. So some things looked familiar so that was fun watching promotion segment. It was interesting to see your commercial work is creative so I can see why you are able to do regular work and not go crazy.

  5. Margaret Ryall Said:

    Don revealed! Don’t we all have other sides. I learned that what everything I did work related informs who I am as a person. It is never behind you but rather wrapped up in you. Very impressive work Don. You should be proud.

  6. elizabeth seaver Said:

    That’s an impressive resume, Don. The graphics work is as dynamic as your painting. It sounds like it was a hard life to live; pressures and pace must have been crushing at times. I hope you can find a way to get back to doing something you are obviously good at and still get to do your fine art work as well.

  7. Don Michael, Jr. Said:

    Heather… Thank you. Almost all of the design work in these pieces came from me – with a LOT of ‘input’ from department heads, producers and clients. I’m sure that “crossing over” in my work is going to happen before it’s all over with.

    Technobabe… Thanks. That bloopers piece you mention is by far the oldest piece on my reel. It was the first time I had ever used a 3D text program. I’m glad I could give you a little taste of nostalgia from your days in Vegas. 🙂

    Margaret… You’re right, everything we do in life informs our work and who we are. Thank you. And, I am proud of this stuff.

    Elizabeth… Thank you. I really enjoyed what I did. The pressure and fast pace were actually all part of the fun. The few down-sides were exacerbated by the economic downturn beginning in mid-2008 which eventually led to my quick exit in August of ’09. I blogged about that infamous day here.


  8. Kathleen Krucoff Said:

    Awesome work Don! You have a great gift….happy you share it with us.

  9. Stan Kurth Said:

    Wow! Nice work Don. Just curious: How many hours of sleep do you get? I’m juggling graphics and fine art and I’m getting about 6. With all the fine work you’re producing, I don’t see how you do it. Also I noticed Technobabe posted a comment. She is married to a friend of mine from high school. The blogging community is doing its part to shrink the world.

  10. PAMO Said:

    Don- your talents reach far and wide! Even though you reenter this creative venue with some trepidation- I sure hope you can find a way to reconcile the negative parts with the good parts. You are very, very, VERY EXCELLENT at it- these skills are marketable- hopefully in a way that you can live with.
    I read about famous Illustrators (from the 50’s- before computer world) who balanced art and illustration for hire. Some of them managed it quite well- and it’s always interesting to me to read about it.
    What I liked the most about your promo videos was that I could see the artist behind the design. That’s important! And we notice!!

  11. R Garriott Said:

    As another “recovering GA” (graphic artist), I’d have to say that I often see working in the ‘commercial field’ gives artists also working in the fine arts an extra edge.

    LOVE your business card– excellent!!

  12. hallie Said:

    I’m glad you gave us a glimpse into your other world. I know why you won those awards (and accepted wearing a black t shirt). I agree with Margaret–all the pieces fit into our package.

  13. Don Michael, Jr. Said:

    Kathleen… Thanks for your great comments here and on YouTube. I’m glad you enjoyed my bit of shameless self-promotion…

    Stan… Thank you! During the week I average between 4 and 5 hours of sleep. I try to get at least one sleep-in day on the weekend and I’m getting really good at power-naps. You’re right, the world is getting smaller quite quickly.

    PAMO… You are so generous! Thank you! The best balm for reconciliation has been the tremendous outpouring of support from friends and colleagues from my years in TV. They helped me remember that I was good at what I did and that I actually enjoyed doing it (most of the time). I plan to find a way to juggle the fine and the graphic and make it a viable commodity. We’ll see what happens.

    R… “Recovering GA”… I love it! I also agree with you about the extra edge. I think fine art informed my graphic work tremendously and vice versa. I’m glad you enjoyed my business card. Thanks!

    Hallie… You forgot to mention the jeans… It was a black t-shirt and jeans – this Art Director’s uniform. 😀 Thank you.


  14. kathy Said:

    An impressive body of work!! I’d hire you in a second. It was really interesting for me to see the connection between your graphic design and paintings!

  15. Don Michael, Jr. Said:

    Hi Kathy… It would be impossible to keep my two worlds from overlapping on some level. As I mentioned to R, each informs the other. And, I believe each is better for having the other around. Thanks!




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