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Of Things to Come

October 8th, 2012

Nearly twenty months ago I wrote about dealing with a bit of an artistic existential crisis. In that same post I also introduced the beginnings of a 3D piece that I was working on. Since then I started and then stopped work on that 3D piece several times. I changed directions many times and even re-gessoed it once. I just couldn’t get a sense of where I really wanted to take it – until a couple weeks ago. Here’s what I finally came up with…

Of Things to Come – 30″x24″x3″ – Acrylic and Paper Mache’ on Canvas – Completed 10/4/12

©2012, Don Michael, Jr.

I finished Of Things to Come just in time to take it with me to the Gina M Woodruff Gallery in Long Beach, CA where I was scheduled to be their featured artist for the weekend. We had a Meet & Greet on Friday and a Live Painting Event on Saturday. It was a great weekend of art and fellowship. Below are a few photos from the two nights…

On Friday there were several people who came by wearing masks, which I found quite thrilling. They are part of a club called Masquerade Meetup from the Long Beach area. They seemed to really enjoy my work.

As I painted on Saturday night I enjoyed the sweet music of Listen TheBand. They regaled us with timeless classics – and quite beautifully, I might add.

Both nights we had a pretty nice turnout. Here you can see me painting with a bit of an audience gathered around. That young man just to my left was really enthralled. His mom told me later that he wants to paint the way I do someday. I couldn’t be more proud.

Speaking of things that make me proud… Fellow artist, Sherri Gleason, enjoyed my Over the Under-Schmeerings style of painting so much that she has started a series of jewelry pieces inspired by my work. How sweet is that!?!?

As for Of Things to Come, this is one of those paintings that you have to see in person to get a true sense of it. A photo just can’t do it true justice. So, if you’re in the Long Beach area, be sure to swing by to check it out. For those that cannot make it to the gallery, here is a photo of the 3D elements before the paint was added…

It was a long strange trip getting to the finished painting, but I feel it was worth it in the long run. Now I have that experience behind me from which to grow as I move into my next paintings.

Happy Creating!

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4 Comments for 'Of Things to Come'

  1. Hw(hallie)Farber Said:

    I’m catching up. Your 3D painting is amazing–wish I could see it. That’s a great photo of you with the “masked ones.”

    I agree with your daughter–Fair Warning should stay in the family; that she wants it is a great compliment.

  2. susan elliot Said:

    Don, this is AMAZING. I can’t get over how you work those 3D masks into it. I tried my first little acrylic canvases yesterday and today and finished two simple ones. I like the way acrylic dries so fast…and how easy it is to paint over something you don’t like!! However, other than that I felt like I was proceeding pretty blindly. I know you have to seal the canvas with something when it’s done…what do you use? I’ve been following your work all along but rarely had time to get on and respond…now maybe that I’m home and a full time artist I’ll be better able to keep up with things like that! As always, you are an inspiration.

  3. susan elliot Said:

    And that jewelry is AWESOME!! That’s not even an adequate enough word!

  4. Don Michael, Jr. Said:

    Hallie… Thank you. It’s good to ‘see you around’. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, myself. I was really tickled to see the people coming in with masks to my show. It’s a great feeling to have that type of support. “Fair Warning” will be hanging at the Gina M Woodruff Gallery through the rest of the year. It’s got a price tag on it, so we’ll see whether it stays in the family or not. 🙂

    Sue… Thank you! I know things are a challenge right now as you adjust to your change in status, but I think you are quite ready to be a full-time artist. I like to hear that you’re experimenting with new media. Once you get a feel for the acrylics you aught to try using them on the mattes like you’ve done with the watercolor. It’s a little more forgiving and doesn’t cause the matte surface to peal up or buckle quite as easily. As for a finish for your acrylic paintings, I recommend using a gloss or matte acrylic varnish. I use both, but find the gloss one to make my colors ‘pop’ a little better. You can just brush on the finish with a 1″ soft brush, but be quick and don’t overbrush.




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