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Contact Me

Email me at: don@donmichaeljr.com

Artist Statement

The intention of my work is to give voice to the beauty and order that can exist even in the chaos that permeates our daily lives. Many of my paintings utilize the mask as a metaphor for the layers of complexity that exist in any human dilemma. These masks represent the façades we apply to conceal our realities as we each try to bring a semblance of order into our individual circumstances. What is represented on the surface isn’t necessarily indicative of what truly lies beneath.


-Don Michael, Jr.



About the Artist

Don Michael, Jr. has known he was going to be an artist since he was 4 years old. Adults found that the best way to keep him out of trouble was to give him something to create with and he'd be a good boy for hours. That still continues to this day, as his wife and children can attest.


After getting his BA at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Don started working as a graphic artist in television which quickly grew into the roll of Art Director. Don worked for TV stations in Oklahoma City, OK, Norfolk, VA and Las Vegas, NV while garnering several industry awards, including an EMMY.


During all this time, Don continued to pursue his passion for painting, often working into the wee hours while his family was sleeping. His hard work and dedication started paying off as many of his works have been juried into national exhibitions and publications, sometimes even garnering awards.


Don has left television behind and now devotes himself to painting full-time, only taking time out for the occasional freelance graphic gig and to teach acrylic painting classes. Don lives with his wife and their 3 children in Las Vegas where he has taken over most of the first floor of their home for his studio. He welcomes visits but asks that if you'd like to come by his studio please email him first at don@donmichaeljr.com to set up an appointment.




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